In the past I have felt somewhat annoyed at the use of the big Love word for an answer to some big human challenges. ‘Choose love not war’, ‘love over hatred or ignorance’.’ Love to conquer fear’. This week I felt a shift and a new recognition that it really can be the missing ingredient. (If you want it to be simple that is?)

We all know that you do a certain action and you get a certain result. Sometimes it can be predicted based on a scientific, structured or researched way. Sometimes it is merely our perspective which creates a certain wave of change in our life both on the inside and the outside.  For me the saying ‘Choose Love not fear’ has felt like the two were in battle. It felt dismissive and simplistic to me.

Of course sometimes in life there are things we can’t really explain and it can be difficult to see why our actions are not creating the results we expect.

Having spiritual practices are always close to my heart so I decided to go back to spiritual practice basics.


Not being really sure about how to use love to resolve, I started to read up on Ho ‘oponopono practices.

The suggestions were to make simple statements of ‘I love you’ or ‘Yes’ to everything in your world. Your problems, your relationships, the space you live in.

Ho ‘oponopono suggests the idea that mostly we create our realities sometimes consciously and sometimes not. One way to shift a mood or dissatisfaction about an issue in your life is to simply state ‘I love you’ or ‘Yes’ directly at and to the problem that you perceive.

I did this many times and could really feel my whole body shifting in relationship to the issue. I started to feel clear and lighter about the issue that was bothering me. The following morning I also had a complete shift in the actual problem.

I am not encouraging that you throw wishful thinking or positive mantra’s at every problem without acting in some way to make changes.

It is just that there are many different ways of perceiving the world and if you are more inclined to judge and critically analyse or rely on science or proven paradigm’s in modern thinking to solve the problem then it may be limiting.

Our world is multi- dimensional after all.

Perhaps sometimes it is in stepping out of the way and daring to acknowledge the simple things which can really help. Isn’t true freedom being able to continue to reframe life from new and ever expanding perspectives on a daily basis?

The biggest lesson that I have learned in all of this is not to take myself so seriously, be mindful of working towards what I can change and be willing to look at things from new perspectives, because we all deserve to love and be loved.

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