When I returned to work after a week away at workshop I was aware of how much the topic of the lecture “Awareness through Compassion” had really planted within my self. I felt quite different when I was speaking to a colleague who was feeling overwhelmed by aspects of politics at play in the workplace.

In the past I would feel myself quickly becoming agitated by the injustice, by the levels of disorganisation and see how people’s personal perspectives were clouding the circumstances at play. After workshop I felt detached and softer within myself. It allowed me the distance I needed. I shared with my colleague some insights from the lecture and felt comfortable leaving it at that.

This is what it means to me to come home to self. Seeing and feeling the space around me and the distance between me and the situation. Perspective, lightness of spirit and personal insights during the workshop helps to make day to day life smoother.

Ho ‘okahi Tamara discussed the workshop topic of awareness through compassion. She began with discussing how whenever there is a possibility to create an uplift in a situation then, do that.  She led us through an exercise of stating out loud “I release all negative judgement”. When guided to see how that felt in the body, most people reported that they felt a freedom or lightness within their body.  Ho ‘okahi explained that it  softens the energy  and means that instead of your anger or upset creating a wall around you, there is more free flow  of energy. The dense heavy agitated or angry energy that you direct towards a situation or person forms like a wall around you, this then invites a stronger force towards you as a means to penetrate through the barrier or shield you have created. Creating an uplift in conversation, in action and in words contributes to more flow in life.

The other lecture topic Ho ‘okahi discussed is the big W. Wisdom, She discussed that when heart and intelligence work together you have wisdom.  A simple way to think about this for me is to really ask Am I happy on a day to day basis? Is the motion in my life supportive and flowing? How am I treating myself? Am I really able to offer an uplift to the woman who serves me milk at the shops or to my partner or neighbour?

Of course Ho ‘okahi added at the lecture that in order to have more flow in your bodywork and in life, her workshop provides a space that goes beyond only all positive vibes and lightness. It was explained that  knowing where you are tripping yourself up or not, seeing a clear pathway also adds to the self awareness process.

The workshop provides an opportunity to see how attentive and aware we really are.The inter connected-ness of all things we normally interact with becomes stronger in focus. Awareness of what is around you is what makes this work really sink in on a deep level. So the simplicity and way to create flow in your life or healing energy during a bodywork session  is found in taking care of your own canoe and not taking anyone on board if there is a leak. Feeling smooth motion, movement and relaxation in your own body is key.

When preparing for a bodywork session pay attention to what is needing attention in your environment. Emptying the bins, mailing a letter, paying a bill, stretching your body. How attentive are you to the simple things in your life?

What is screaming out for attention to you in your environment, in your body, in your world? Pay attention to that. This will help to build motion so that you can be aware of creating an uplift and building awareness through compassion.







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