It was a profound healing affect that I experienced when I heard that no one can take energy away or remove bad energy from anyone else. Often I have heard massage therapists or people talk about absorbing bad energy or helping to remove energy from people.

Today I had a conversation with someone about a healing practice that she experienced. In her first session she said the therapist cleared a massive headache that arose after a weekend retreat. She explained that she had a session with someone and felt ‘amazing’. Her headache was completely cured. The second time there was no effect at all and she left wondering what is this all about as on the second occasion she felt she really needed to feel better.

What happened?

It really made me reflect on resistance as a tool to create the new. I have heard this many times in my training. For example: Write things down in the old fashioned way, the pencil on paper creates the kind of resistance that helps the mind to connect deeper with the thoughts streaming forth.

The resistance might be a feeling in the body, an illness, a thought that persists.

This energy of resistance has power in it. The force of it demands to be noticed and can help to create and build energy to make the leap or shift into a new dimension or reality.

This is why if as a practitioner we sense density or heaviness it is not for us as therapists to do anything about it. Perhaps it is our interpretation and perhaps it is the density that is needed in order for the person to create a new. It takes out so much judgement of ourselves and others. After all, it is all perception. Everyone has their own perfect timing and sometimes having the idea that we ‘need to let go’ or have ‘negative energy’ can make the transition to feeling good, better and awesome so much more difficult. (Heaven knows we can be hard on ourselves without feeling like we have spiritual musts too!)

Alleviating feeling stuck could be simply moving in a new direction, finding your own new rhythm in response to the challenge life is presenting to you. Or not! Saying I don’t and won’t be dealing with that today.

These rhythms of our body and soul are made conscious or can feel smoother or lighter to manage when we stay in motion. Continue to be aware of our own ebbing and flowing and pay attention to what is ‘up’ in the moment. It can be as simple as walking around with consciousness of how our feet feel or feeling our hips rolling or responding to the messages of the environment.

Kahuna principles often confused me because they were a constant contrast. What was true and right for one person opening up new pathways is different for another. There is no right or wrong way. There is no system to understand about doing the perfect technique or understanding the best for the person. Freedom comes in gathering personal awareness and moving with that in a balanced way.

Evolving in  bodywork practice or life path movements is to grow in awareness or understanding of how to hold you at the centre of the universe. In my journey this creates a bodywork experience which acknowledges the joy, the stuck- ness the blocks and continues with rhythm and flow.

For me it is an ever changing expression of my body, mind and soul -expanded, focused and deeply connected in the moment. What first attracted me to do any of this bodywork training in the first place was fairly poetic. Read the script in front of you, when you feel knowledge of your own entire universe in motion the one lying on the table can experience this motion inherent in their own being.

I am the giver, I am the receiver, I am that which is given. Kahu Abraham Kawai’i

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