When you have many competing needs; family, business, home, health, exercise, car, hobbies etc. How do you choose to address what needs your attention?

Do you spend a little bit of time in each, starting something then moving to the next?

Or do you have to choose just one and give it all of your attention to the exclusion of all others?

This is not a trick question. It may be that you do both of these things at different times?

For me it was a revelation to realize that my more ‘feminine energy approach’-starting many things at once was actually creating accumulative energy!

At the beginning of the day or the night before when I survey the scene of things that need attention it can be overwhelming (even if I have a good list of priorities drawn up). So as long as I begin something and even if I then move onto something else, contribute a little to that then the next and the next. Eventually I see that I am working in a circle and many things are gradually getting done.

I feel quite natural when I go about things like this. The key is to really go with the Flow and also have grounding practices. Keep moving so as not to get overwhelmed by what is not getting fully completed. Trust is involved to realize that after some time many things will be completed and they turn out differently due to the fact that they often blend into and influence the end product of each other. (this is the bit I love: combinations, creativity)

The times when I focus on one project til the end,can be useful too. This approach I would describe as purely projective, ‘masculine energy approach’ and single task focused.

I know I need a very different focus here and I am stretched to continue to look at the goal I am heading towards.

If you identify when you are going about your work which one is at play, try to evaluate which one you like better and which one brings the outcomes you need. Perhaps both are at play and a fluid combination of masculine and feminine is working?

Perhaps try occasionally to allow yourself to switch it up. Not just to be crazy lol, but to bring enlightenment to your own problems, anxieties, boredom, what if’s etc etc.

Sometimes single focus and it’s disciplined linear working could be closing you off from inspiration, flexibility, multiple probabilities and receiving something ‘new’ to the mix (of your life and the task at hand).

Sometimes attempting to begin many things at around the same time can be too open ended and leave you feeling unable to contain all of this accumulating energy.

Check out your style and switch it up when you need to or when you are feeling stuck and don’t have any distinct reason for it.

In my experience this really allows life to be a game and one that we can manoeuvre for our own FUN and EXPLORATION.

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