Knowing yourself is the ultimate way to really make an impact and assist in healing as a therapist.

The effect we have on others is the only currency we have.

Awareness training is the most important part of training in service driven industries.

The therapeutic relationship is where the transformation can occur. It does not matter what techniques you deliver as a therapist, the place for evolution and change comes when the client feels heard, seen and acknowledged beyond the health history. It might not be what is said but perhaps what is not said. The space you allow for someone to be, to digest, experience, to feel their being in a new way, How you touch a client. Presence.

Self reflection and growing self awareness is key to improving the interactions and possibility for those sparks, those transformative realizations that touches not only the mind but heart too.

Having goals that makes you expand into new versions of yourself. Understanding and embracing your strengths, weaknesses, desires, beliefs, subconscious drives, patterns of reacting etc etc- all of these things affect the therapeutic relationship and your interactions with clients and all close relationships.

Backing yourself is key. Being compassionate to self when you mess up or make a mistake or forget to say something, do something or be fully yourself.

Dare to be aware of all that you are. Dare to let go go of limiting stories about yourself so that real motion can be felt in the inner world. This way you know how to react to, smooth over or ignite a light for the motion in the person or situation you interact with.

Self awareness and awareness of what is all around in any given moment is the magic in bodywork and training in Kahuna Sciences.

It is how flow is accessed and felt.

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