This was a question I was asked in a group of business professionals. When do you feel most confident?

The responses ranged from strutting on stage in great high heels, a good lipstick, wearing special clothes or sexy underwear. Someone mentioned satisfaction with connecting and seeing results for a client.  There were others too about feeling good with family and pushing through a comfort zone.

I can relate to most of these but when I first heard this question my mind went immediately to the feeling I get in the middle of a bodywork session or running a workshop. It is a feeling of complete flow and engagement.  Helping others to feel connection to their body, to move with presence, to be aware of their own energy, ebbing and flowing. To have complete connection to the inner rhythms and the rhythms and messages they are sending out and what is available in the environment.

Witnessing this unfolding and feeling this for myself, this is when I feel confident.

What I mean by that is that I feel confident to be vulnerable or strong or soft or whatever is needed to engage and or redirect the group energy, to adjust my energy to suit the needs of the moment.

I think if I was pinpointing it myself I wouldn’t call it confidence, because it feels like more than that really. I just feel whole, alive and pumped by what is unfolding. I call it engagement or flow. Self-consciousness is replaced by an expression of my whole self, an expanded awareness and deep comfort in all that I am.

It’s kind of different to confidence, this is just the closest thing to it (I guess).

Tuning in, moving with complete presence, losing self in the moment, no sense of time only heightened awareness of all senses.

You see mostly I am quite shy and I need to talk down the internal voices of self -criticism when I step out of my comfort zone. (like 99%of the population) Then I realised that all that is ever needed is available in the environment, with the audience, within me and within the moment. So it is the keying in and the building of awareness and facilitating others to become aware of who they are that truly enriches me. I love witnessing people growing in confidence to a new aspect of themselves.

What is life if you can’t play with different ways of experiencing and being? When there is no watching self, but more recognition of self as an interconnected being. Magical things unfold.

Lately I have noticed there is a lot of buzz talk about the importance of showing your vulnerabilities as a way to connect with human beings more intimately. It is truly powerful and removes the barriers but I also believe there is more need for spaces of unifying and acknowledging our whole self. This is also a connective intimate way to experience life and each other.

We can experience feelings of confidence, at times, vulnerability at times, joyous or sad, driven or uninspired.

Nowadays I support myself when I key into into the memories of those times where I felt that I was transcending self, acknowledging all things unfolding in the moment and witnessing real presence and heightened awareness in myself and others. When I need to muster up confidence and it feels a little out of my reach I remember the feeling’s of deep flow.  I take the principle from it, I start moving and before I know it I am in a new state of flow with a new aspect of my life unfolding.

Presence and awareness = trust and new found confidence.

No matter what is up, find an activity that deeply engages you.

Keep moving.  You got this.

Confident or not, you will find your very own experience of flow!


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