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Let your mind wander as it connects to your body and soul.


What does it mean to BE IN FLOW?

Let your mind wander some more as it connects to your body and soul.
I am passionate about Kahuna Bodywork and how it makes you feel.
It really has the potential to bring meaning back to your life and spark the soul.
You have to experience it to understand it.
It is not just techniques and looking at the body in mechanical bits and pieces.
It is a soulful and enriching experience of flow.

Do you want to enhance your energy with Feng Shui and Mindfullness tips?

I would love my free gift!


The doorway to the sanctuary is within    Rumi

Take time away from your computer, your worries, or outdated habits so that you can relax, tune in, and become engaged with your creativity. Start recreating the life you have dreamed of.

Inspired Flow invites you to dream big, feel inspired and step into a place where you can effortlessly create new habits and new pathways to a healthy and balanced way of life.

Be more effective, productive and make a big impact on people in your world.

When you feel like you are living in the moment. Life takes a new dimension of joy, your spirit soars and you are truly inspired to take action.

Try to recall that task you were involved with where you lost track of time, you lost yourself in the moment and were completely engaged in what you were doing.

Psychologists call it being in the zone. I relate to it as being in motion. I am inspired to teach because of the amazing feeling of being in motion. A space of complete relaxation, full with inspiration and energy to move all at the same time.

A weekly, daily or even monthly practice of mindfulness such as a movement meditation class, stretch yoga, a therapeutic one-on-one Mind-Body session with Kara are all amazing ways to reconnect, reset and help you to build a meaningful and balanced life.

Set the course of your life in a motion that continues to contribute and build your awesomeness.

Learn to create balance by understanding when to be: doing, striving, accomplishing and when it is time to be, experience, live and feel.

Feng Shui
Home Alignment

Workshops &
Stretch Yoga

Kara Leondard
& Inspired Flow

Mumma Relaxation
Days and
Pregnancy Massage

Listen to your body
… it is smarter than you are

Kara can help you to access that place within through training in Kahuna Bodywork and awareness building through 6 levels of progression. Residential weekend workshops held on the Central Coast, one day retreats, mini e-courses and evening classes.

The training workshops and classes bring you into a mindful space. If you feel disconnected or reaching high stress or anxiety levels then connect SIMPLY with your body. Kara will help guide you to create a life with ease.

Training is endorsed by Na Pua ‘Olohe school Hawaii and accredited for CPE points and short course approval with MAA (Massage Association of Australia).


It was great to reconnect with myself, the flow, the movement of ‘flying’ and the enjoyment of feeling completely comfortable. Thank you so much Kara. I’d love to attend your next retreat.

Diane Heffernan

A perfect day of education and relaxation. I loved flying with the group and dropping into myself through movement. It’s nice to finally learn practices that drop you into the zone as a body worker, and to experience what makes Kahuna so unique. Definitely recommended for anyone who wants to add a spiritual dimension to their massage practice. Oh yeah and there’s yummy food too! Thanks Kara, so glad I came along.

Jessica Teoh

I love my weekly bodywork session with Kara. After all sessions I feel really uplifted, like it is possible to feel super relaxed and energised at the same time. This is perfect and exactly what I need. I could not do without Kara’s expertise.

Corinne Bot

Thank you so much for the amazing massages you have given me, they really have changed who I am and how I feel about myself.

Sarah Kinsela

Kahuna Bodywork

Kahuna Bodywork is more than a massage it is a way to understand yourself. To explore your range of motion and how you move through life.

Geomancy – Feng Shui – Home alignment

Geomancy is a generic term used in many cultures, best known as ‘Feng Shui’ in Chinese culture.

Polynesian Floor Work

A gentle and intensive floor treatment. Ease tensions with a firm application of pressure to areas of high tension.

Remedial Massage

Help to ease and relieve pain and chronic tensions. Improvements can be made in your overall body posture to assist in preventing pain from recurring.

Pregnancy and Postnatal Bodywork

Mums group massage days are a way to connect with friends, have your baby minded while you receive some well-deserved time out.

Heated Stones

Ease and melt away excess stress. A warm oil massage prepares the body for the energy enhancing placement of volcanic heated stones.

Flying and Stretch class

Movement Meditation Community

At Inspired Flow classes we are passionate about movement of the body and transforming aspects of ourselves through reconnection with the body.

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