Kara Leonard-Inspired Flow-Services

Therapeutic One-on-One Bodywork

Inspired flow provides therapeutic one-on-one bodywork sessions combining heated stone therapy, remedial and myofascial healing techniques and transformative motion raising Kahuna Bodywork.

Also available are one-on-one half day sessions designed to kick start and reboot your energy for a new beginning, or new outlook. These sessions allow for more in depth exploration and grounding practices to guide you and reinforce your new pathways to personal freedom and living the life that feels good for you. Includes fengshui support within the home.

Kahuna Bodywork Training

Kahuna Bodywork training consists of 6 levels including introductory and specialty areas including pregnancy, heated stones, Hawaiian feng shui and Polynesian floor work. I incorporate my training from Hawaii including universal principles to guide you to live a life which expands your awareness and opens the doorway to attracting greater opportunities, making choices and actions which feel right and help to make healthy choices for your body and positive outlooks for the mind.

Self-Care Urban Retreats

Self-care day urban retreats and Friday evening classes for the more regular tune up, reset and refocus. Stretching or yin yoga is a slow but intense, releasing set of pose’s held for a few minutes. Focus tools help you to release further into the stretch, relieving joint tension and built up fascial restrictions. This stretching is for any fitness level and works well for increasing flexibility between pilates, dynamic yoga or other workout sessions.

Pregnancy and Postnatal

Mums group massage days are a way to connect with friends, have your baby minded while you receive some well-deserved time out. Kara specialises in group experiences of relaxation or one-on-one sessions for excited and sometimes nervous mums-to-be or busy mumma’s doing daily gymnastics, mentally and physically.

Kahuna Bodywork

Kahuna Bodywork is more than a massage it is a way to understand yourself. To explore your range of motion and how you move through life.

Geomancy – Feng Shui – Home alignment

Geomancy is a generic term used in many cultures, best known as ‘Feng Shui’ in Chinese culture.

Polynesian Floor Work

A gentle and intensive floor treatment. Ease tensions with a firm application of pressure to areas of high tension.

Remedial Massage

Help to ease and relieve pain and chronic tensions. Improvements can be made in your overall body posture to assist in preventing pain from recurring.

Pregnancy and Postnatal Bodywork

Mums group massage days are a way to connect with friends, have your baby minded while you receive some well-deserved time out.

Heated Stones

Ease and melt away excess stress. A warm oil massage prepares the body for the energy enhancing placement of volcanic heated stones.

Flying and Stretch class

Movement Meditation Community

At Inspired Flow classes we are passionate about movement of the body and transforming aspects of ourselves through reconnection with the body.

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