You know the feeling when your body is saying no don’t do that, or just go a little further, stay with me, slow down, speed up?

When you learn to be attuned to your own body’s wisdom you then have a lifetime of tools to reconnect, to reset and to create new kinds of realities for the ultimate well- being for your mind body and soul.

What do I mean by that?

Here is a short example.

‘Flying’ is a practice (designed by Kahu Abraham Kawa’ii) consisting of a series of continuous movements usually performed to music in a group or on your own. It is also a foundation for the bodywork practice. The movements are repeated for no set period of time (though usually beyond what you feel you could ever have achieved when setting out!) and there is no agenda. You only need to keep moving, stay balanced and in doing so you naturally become an observer /participant to an unfolding experience of inter-connectedness. You can move through periods of flow and lightness to periods of resistance, annoyance, awkwardness then back to flow again. The key is that you are in a space which helps you to gather body wisdom. Wisdom of what it means to ‘feel your body’ as it connects to the edges of your conscious mind into the unconscious realms of the spirit. Also on a more basic level feeling  yourself in the room, placing feet on the carpet, not falling over and not knocking into anyone also creates physical and mental awareness and sensitivity.

The body finds new positioning and you learn how to be with yourself. All of your senses are naturally heightened and you can easily discover and readjust the thoughts which are tripping you up or judgementally observing. Listening to the bodies ‘flow’ is key here. It is a wonderful tool to help you to embody a sense of commitment within yourself which can then be applied to life as you navigate all of it’s ups and down’s.

Flying is a practice which helps us to remember that nothing stays the same and is constantly evolving.

Recently I experienced a problem with my wrist. It was worrying because I need my hands for massage, teaching, parenting (well you get it -we need our hands). I also knew straight away the mind/ body connection and what was coming up in my subconscious. I did not spend much time dwelling on this as I just kept going towards the new that was opening up for me and I tended to my wrist. I experienced all of the things that flying sometimes brings up, frustration, annoyance and like giving up but I stayed committed to myself and  to my health on all levels. Tending to what was ‘up’ in my life contributed to a speedy recovery for me.

Sometimes readjusting the parts of ourselves, our perspective and our approach is what is needed for a situation to evolve into something which contributes to our forward growth.

The practice of ‘flying’ is a whole body experience which can uplift the spirit but also provide tools for stamina, endurance, readjustment of psychological and physical imbalances.

If you would like tools to apply practically to your life.

Contact me and join in for our next ‘flying’ session. It is going to be so much fun.

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